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Jim Miller

How do you maintain success over a long period of time?

Hall of Fame Coach Jim Miller defines the roadmap to long term success.

Jim Miller coached 10 NCAA Team Championships at Wartburg College in Waverly Iowa.

The best part of his story may be that before arriving at Wartburg, the Wrestling program had noteven won a Conference title in 15 years, and had not won a National Title in any sport, in the history of the College.

In Coach Miller's 22 years at Wartburg, his teams finished 1st or 2nd in the Nation 18 times.

Coach Miller was awarded the National Coach of the Year five times in Division III and twice was awarded the Dan Gable/Win Magazine (All Division) Coach of the Year in 2004 and 2013.

Jim hits on some great subjects that everyone needs to hear:

  • You can have Results or Excuses…You don’t get both.
  • The Faster you can get rid of the Negative, the better you will be at whatever you do.
  • Do it Anyway… If it’s Important to your Success you Do It Anyway, You go the Extra Mile, and whether You “feel like it or not’ is Irrelevant.


Contact:  james.miller@wartburg.edu

Website:  coachjimmillerspeaking.com


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