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Women’s wrestling is an official sport in the NAIA. Not only is it an Olympic event, but it’s the fastest-growing high school sport. The key driver of success is creating separate competitions for girls and young women – which is already proving to be a successful model in Hawaii, Washington, Texas and California high school leagues. Our goal is to help each state create new leagues and to provide opportunities and training at each level of competition.

We also need to train coaches on the unique aspects of women’s wrestling. These young champs are new faces in wrestling – role models and world-class athletes for young girls to look up to. Every day they demonstrate courage and commitment to overcome the challenges of life and competition alike. They are winning and setting a high standard of grace and poise for our youth.

They are also attracting a following. At the 2016 World Championships in Las Vegas, our American women wrestlers won two gold medals and a bronze, eliciting a thunderous response from the crowd of over 7,000 in the arena, 17,000 online, and countless watching three broadcasts on ESPN and ESPN2. USA Wrestling web traffic had over 100,000 unique visitors and 625,000 page views over the course of the events.

Two superstars, Adeline Gray and Helen Maroulis, both ranked number 1 in the world, are two of America’s best chances to win Olympic Gold in Rio in 2016 . World bronze medalist Leigh Jaynes-Provisor, a 34-year-old recent mother and US Army officer, is also quickly moving up the charts.

In late February, Team USA and the best women’s wrestlers from 33 countries in the Western Hemisphere, including Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, the United States and Canada, competed for the honor of Pan American Champion and qualification for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Girls’ wrestling is now one of the fastest-growing high school sports and is expected to qualify as an emerging sport in the NCAA this year. With global growth opportunities – and with world-class athletes who are strong, smart and beautiful – wrestling is a great opportunity to attract a new audience to your business.



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